Review: Daddy Drag – Eve Tunstall

Show: Daddy Drag Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Eve Tunstall Embarrassing dads, funny dads, daft dads, ‘stand aside I’m the king of BBQ’ dads, we all know the types. But have you ever stopped to consider how your relationship with your dad has shaped your life. Using song and involvement from the audience, Daddy... Continue Reading →

Review: A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego – Eve Tunstall

Show: A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego Venue: The Pleasance Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Eve Tunstall We all know how tough it can be for men in this day and age, but back in the day they also had it pretty tough. Poor William Wallace and Julius Caesar and don’t get me started... Continue Reading →

Review: Joe Sutherland: Toxic – Amy King

Show: Joe Sutherland: Toxic Venue: Underbelly Bristo Square Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Amy King It's not often you go to a comedy show and leave it feeling like you've been sat in Spoons with a friend of a friend bonding over your shared love of Spice Girls and terrible towel-hanging habits. But with Joe Sutherland,... Continue Reading →

Shows to See: Masculinity

It might be a controversial topic to start with, but let's talk about masculinity at the Fringe. We're increasingly hearing the phrase "toxic masculinity" thrown around in the media, especially alongside hashtags like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and with the dark world of Incels being brought to light. But what does it mean? What is masculinity?... Continue Reading →

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