Review: There She Is – Bethan Devonald

Show: There She Is Venue: PQA Venues @ Riddle's Court Star rating: *** Reviewer: Bethan Devonald There She Is is follows a woman's journey through London when a whale is beached on the London Underground. This new piece of writing - inspired by interviews with people living in London from all over the world with... Continue Reading →

Review: Shrew – Esme Leitch

Show: Shrew Venue: theSpace Triplex Star rating: *** Reviewer: Esme Leitch Content warning: Rape, sexual assault & abusive relationships. Shrew, by the dynamic feminist theatre collective The Pankhurst Players from Edge Hill University, shines a light onto the darker side of Shakespeare’s work with this modern adaption of his famous comedy The Taming of the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Sensemaker – Grace Hillyer

Show: The Sensemaker Venue: ZOO Playground Star rating: *** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer Battling with an automated voice on the phone, and nothing much else. That's the set up and premise of The Sensemaker, and it’s a very impressive feat to hold an audience for an hour with the only real dialogue coming from a pre-recorded... Continue Reading →

Review: Mustard – Grace Hillyer

Show: Mustard Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer As a solo performer, it’s a real challenge to keep audiences hooked throughout. For Eva O’Connor, this is made even harder by the relatively large space in which she has to work, but with her gripping performance you’d be forgiven for thinking it takes her... Continue Reading →

Review: Deer Woman – Abbie McGrath

Show: Deer Woman Venue: Canada Hub @ King's Hall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath “Indigenous women and girls in Canada are disproportionately affected by all forms of violence. Although Indigenous women make up 4 per cent of Canada’s female population, 16 per cent of all women murdered in Canada between 1980 and 2012 were... Continue Reading →

Review: Illegal – Auburn Scallon

Show: Illegal Venue: Underbelly Cowgate Star rating: *** Reviewer: Auburn Scallon Presenting the parallel visa struggles of a white American woman in the UK and a Guatemalan woman attempting to enter the US is an ambitious task. While Illegal seems well intentioned in finding the similarities in these stories, the narrative could benefit from a... Continue Reading →

Review: Risk Assessment – Jenni Snell

Show: Risk Assessment Venue: Greenside @ Infirmary Street Stars: **** Reviewer: Jenni Snell It’s safe to say that everyone gets a bit confused trying to navigate the #MeToo Movement and feminist landscape from time to time. Even those of us who strongly identify as feminist can find ourselves conflicted and at odds on certain topics.... Continue Reading →

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