Review: She Shall Not Be Moved – Joanne Kilday

Show - She Shall Not Be Moved Venue - theSpace on the Mile Rating - **** Reviewer - Joanne Kilday This fresh, original piece of writing, set in a modern day witch trial, is a meditation on what it means to be a woman; the challenges we face, and how they break us, bind us... Continue Reading →

Review: Beauty is Pain – Joanne Kilday

Show - Beauty is Pain Venue - Paradise in the Vault Rating - **** Reviewer - Joanne Kilday Beauty is Pain is a political performance art piece surrounding Donald Trump's support of the Miss USA pageants and treatment of women in the mainstream media. It delves into the superficial nature of the pageants and reveals... Continue Reading →

Review: Never None (But She) – Viki Matejova

Never none (but she) Rating: *** Location: Space Triplex (studio) Reviewer: Viki Matejova Never none (but she), the first production of AsterGlow, is a promising endeavour into meaningful storytelling. Set in a fantasy world where magic and powers mirror real life inequalities, it is a conceptually striking piece of theatre.  The play features powerful characters... Continue Reading →

Review: Souvenirs – Joanne Kilday

Show: Souvenirs Venue: Paradise in the Vault Star rating: *** Reviewer: Joanne Kilday Souvenirs presents the real stories of four young people in London who have been involved in cases of harassment and stalking. When does passion become obsession and what is the mental toll on those involved? UCL Runaround brings us a show that... Continue Reading →

Review: She Can’t Half Talk – Abbie McGrath

Show: She Can't Half Talk Venue: Bedlam Theatre Star rating: **** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath She Can’t Half Talk brings a selection of short stories, each which challenge expectations and attitudes towards gender and sexuality in a different, unexpected way. Starting the show listing common insults that women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ individuals face every day, our... Continue Reading →

Review: Raven – Bethan Devonald

Show: Raven Venue: Assembly Roxy Star rating: *** Reviewer: Bethan Devonald A raven mother is a term used in Germany to describe a mother who cares more about herself than her children. Using physical theatre and monologue, this show navigates what it means to be a raven mother. Raven begins with the performers showcasing their... Continue Reading →

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