Review: Cotton Fingers – Amy King

Show: Cotton Fingers Venue: Summerhall Stars: ***** Reviewer: Amy King Amy Molloy brings Rachel Tresize's brilliant script to life in an electric performance. I have never seen a solo performance like it. The bare stage and plastic bucket seats make the performance more intimate, somehow. A fierce honesty pours out of Molloy as Cotton Fingers offers... Continue Reading →

Review: The Cat’s the Thing – Abbie McGrath

Show: The Cat's the Thing Venue: theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall Star rating: **** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath Exploring the complicated and often misunderstood life of living with OCD, Marissa’s show balances demonstrating the difficulties in everyday tasks with keeping the audience laughing. Marissa’s character Tanya narrates to the audience through talking with her companion Dale, a... Continue Reading →

Review: Hatch – Grace Hillyer

Show: Hatch Venue: Underbelly Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer Using song, rap and spoken word, Hatch is a one woman gig theatre piece, exploring women in prison and the damaging effects the environment can have. The piece is told by Sarah Carton who - with an intriguing charm - plays the character of Jess.... Continue Reading →

Review: Mustard – Grace Hillyer

Show: Mustard Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer As a solo performer, it’s a real challenge to keep audiences hooked throughout. For Eva O’Connor, this is made even harder by the relatively large space in which she has to work, but with her gripping performance you’d be forgiven for thinking it takes her... Continue Reading →

Review: Gobby – Jenni Snell

Show: Gobby Venue: Big Belly @ Underbelly Stars: **** Reviewer: Jenni Snell Life of the party? Then this show is for you. Gobby takes you on the wild and enlightening journey of Bri, through five different parties and five different stages of self-discovery. This show provides the audience an exclusive insight into the loudest voice... Continue Reading →

Review: IvankaPlay – Viki Matejova

Show: IvankaPlay Venue: Underbelly Cowgate Star rating: *** Reviewer: Viki Matejova Have you ever wondered what goes on inside Ivanka Trump’s mind when she stands next to her ‘daddy’, looking solemnly into the distance while he spouts vile rhetoric? IvankaPlay tackles that question with a vibrant one-woman show. McLean Peterson, who plays Ivanka masterfully, takes... Continue Reading →

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