Review: She Can’t Half Talk – Abbie McGrath

Show: She Can't Half Talk Venue: Bedlam Theatre Star rating: **** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath She Can’t Half Talk brings a selection of short stories, each which challenge expectations and attitudes towards gender and sexuality in a different, unexpected way. Starting the show listing common insults that women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ individuals face every day, our... Continue Reading →

Review: Everything I See I Swallow – Abbie McGrath

Show: Everything I See I Swallow Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath Redefining the definition of beauty within 2019 feminism, Olivia (Maisy Taylor) describes losing her sense of self through the constant objectification and beauty standards that have been set from a young age. From the moment of entering the room, we find... Continue Reading →

Review: John Pendal: Monster – Sarah MacDonald

Show: Monster Venue: Turret @ Gilded Balloon Teviot Stars: ***** Reviewer: Sarah MacDonald John Pendal storms the stage with heart wrenching honesty complimented by some raunchy titbits, in a show full of straight-from-the-heart laughter, in his triumphant return to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with his show “Monster”. Directed by the wonderful Laura Lexx, the formidable... Continue Reading →

Review: (Even) Hotter – Ruth Brown

Show: (Even) Hotter Venue: Bedlam Theatre Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Ruth Brown Mary Higgins and Ell Potter are back this year at Bedlam with their (even) hotter production that takes interviews with women and trans people of all colours, shapes, and ages and interprets them on stage in a Creature Comforts-like audiovisual cocktail. Although nothing... Continue Reading →

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