Review: Sea Sick – Amy King

Show: Sea Sick Venue: Canada Hub @ King's Hall Stars: ***** Reviewer: Amy King Climate change is the latest hot topic on everyone's lips. Whether you agree with Extinction Rebellion's calamitous predictions or not, the subject is inescapable in the media. It's no surprise, then, that its reach has extended to the Fringe this year,... Continue Reading →

Review: Dangerous Giant Animals – Amy King

Show - Dangerous Giant Animals Venue - Underbelly Cowgate Star rating - ***** Reviewer - Amy King I'm not really sure how to start this review. It's not like me to be left lost for words, but that's exactly what happened at the end of Dangerous Giant Animals. Christina Murdock's Fringe debut is not to... Continue Reading →

Review: Good Vibes Only – Victoria Clow

Show: Good Vibes Only Venue: theSpace on North Bridge, Argyll Theatre Star rating *** Reviewer: Victoria Clow Good Vibes Only a new piece of writing coming from Laughing Mirror Theatre Company, written by Charlotte McEvoy and co-directed with Izzy Cutler, is a play all about pleasure! The joys and struggles of attaining it are described... Continue Reading →

Review: Hoo-Ha! – Victoria Clow

Show - Hoo-Ha! Venue - Just the Tonic at the Caves, Just up the Stairs Star rating - **** Reviewer - Victoria Clow Hoo-Ha! is a two person comedy piece with the self-proclaimed people-hater Lily Phillips and a man who is so affable, he single-handedly convinced half the room that day to attend; Stephen Trumble. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Joe Sutherland: Toxic – Amy King

Show: Joe Sutherland: Toxic Venue: Underbelly Bristo Square Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Amy King It's not often you go to a comedy show and leave it feeling like you've been sat in Spoons with a friend of a friend bonding over your shared love of Spice Girls and terrible towel-hanging habits. But with Joe Sutherland,... Continue Reading →

Review: What the… Feminist!? – Ana Hine

Show: What The…Feminist?! Venue: theSpace on the Mile Star Rating: *** Reviewer: Ana Hine You know when you discover other feminists for the first time – often at a university society meeting as a wide-eyed undergraduate – and you just want to tell everyone about this life-changing socio-political philosophy? Yeah? Well then What the... Feminist?! should have... Continue Reading →

Review: Not Yet Suffragette – Ana Hine

Show: Not Yet Suffragette Venue: Underbelly Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Ana Hine Natalie Cutler shines in this one-woman-show about the struggle for women’s rights across the last century. While she may concentrate on the experience of white middle-class women, it’s more as a means to focus the show, rather than an attempt at exclusion. Cutler starts in... Continue Reading →

Review: Frieda Loves Ya! – Suky Goodfellow

Show: Frieda Loves Ya! Venue: Underbelly Star Rating: *** Reviewer: Suky Goodfellow Frieda Love presents a light-hearted cabaret-style romp, with touches of burlesque and whimsical musical numbers. You feel in safe hands watching Frieda, as she is a great performer who knows how to handle an audience. Her expressions often got the audience chuckling in... Continue Reading →

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