Review: Raven – Bethan Devonald

Show: Raven Venue: Assembly Roxy Star rating: *** Reviewer: Bethan Devonald A raven mother is a term used in Germany to describe a mother who cares more about herself than her children. Using physical theatre and monologue, this show navigates what it means to be a raven mother. Raven begins with the performers showcasing their... Continue Reading →

Review: There She Is – Bethan Devonald

Show: There She Is Venue: PQA Venues @ Riddle's Court Star rating: *** Reviewer: Bethan Devonald There She Is is follows a woman's journey through London when a whale is beached on the London Underground. This new piece of writing - inspired by interviews with people living in London from all over the world with... Continue Reading →

Review: The Sensemaker – Grace Hillyer

Show: The Sensemaker Venue: ZOO Playground Star rating: *** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer Battling with an automated voice on the phone, and nothing much else. That's the set up and premise of The Sensemaker, and it’s a very impressive feat to hold an audience for an hour with the only real dialogue coming from a pre-recorded... Continue Reading →

Review: Swim – Clare Louise Roberts

Show: SWIM Venue: Venue 33 - Pleasance Courtyard Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Clare Louise Roberts Serenading with an electric guitar whilst two of the four performers make small talk with entering audience members is exactly how Swim means to go on. You are looked after and you are guided throughout the show’s layers of loss... Continue Reading →

Review: Intolerable Side Effects – Sarah MacDonald

Show: Intolerable Side Effects Venue: ZOO @ the Southside Stars: **** Reviewer: Sarah MacDonald Clownery and contraception join together in Claire Parry’s hilarious performance of “Intolerable Side Effects”. This polemic focuses on the one-sided injustice of the impact of contraceptives on the bodies of those with wombs (human or rabbit alike). The show is crammed... Continue Reading →

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