Review: Rose McGowan: Planet 9 – Abbie McGrath

Show: Rose McGowan: Planet 9 Venue: Assembly Hall Star rating: *** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath Rose McGowan brings her Planet 9 to the Fringe this year, a project 4 and a half years in the making, aiming to communicate inner freedom through art. With creative visuals, spoken word, and her own music, Rose introduces us to... Continue Reading →

Review: Hatch – Grace Hillyer

Show: Hatch Venue: Underbelly Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Grace Hillyer Using song, rap and spoken word, Hatch is a one woman gig theatre piece, exploring women in prison and the damaging effects the environment can have. The piece is told by Sarah Carton who - with an intriguing charm - plays the character of Jess.... Continue Reading →

Review: Swim – Clare Louise Roberts

Show: SWIM Venue: Venue 33 - Pleasance Courtyard Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Clare Louise Roberts Serenading with an electric guitar whilst two of the four performers make small talk with entering audience members is exactly how Swim means to go on. You are looked after and you are guided throughout the show’s layers of loss... Continue Reading →

Review: Queens of Sheba – Sarah MacDonald

Show: Queens of Sheba Venue: Underbelly Cowgate Star Rating: ***** Reviewer: Sarah MacDonald Queens of Sheba is absolutely exceptional. Drawing on the events of the Dstrkt nightclub incident, where door staff excluded entry for a group of women for being “too black”, this piece of theatre brings to the forefront the intersectional persecution of being... Continue Reading →

Review: hunger – Sarah MacDonald

Show: hunger Venue: Paradise in the Vault Star rating: **** Reviewer: Sarah MacDonald Joanna Ward and Ryan Hay’s hunger concisely explores the struggles of an artist as she contends with societal pressure to conform to the role of “mother”, and is further frustrated by the fact that her artwork is viewed as that of a... Continue Reading →

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