Review: Joe Sutherland: Toxic – Amy King

Show: Joe Sutherland: Toxic Venue: Underbelly Bristo Square Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Amy King It's not often you go to a comedy show and leave it feeling like you've been sat in Spoons with a friend of a friend bonding over your shared love of Spice Girls and terrible towel-hanging habits. But with Joe Sutherland,... Continue Reading →

Shows to See: Masculinity

It might be a controversial topic to start with, but let's talk about masculinity at the Fringe. We're increasingly hearing the phrase "toxic masculinity" thrown around in the media, especially alongside hashtags like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and with the dark world of Incels being brought to light. But what does it mean? What is masculinity?... Continue Reading →

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