Review: The Burning – Jenni Snell

Show: The Burning Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Jenni Snell Witch, Witch, Witch! We are all aware of the stereotyped image that comes to mind when we hear that word. Pointy hat, crooked nose, warts galore whilst casting spells on the protagonist of the tale. But where do those stereotypes come from... Continue Reading →


Review: Thunderc*nt – Jenni Snell

Show: Thunderc*nt Venue: Heroes @ Boteca Star Rating: ***** Reviewer: Jenni Snell If the title of this show doesn’t immediately grab your attention, then let me persuade you otherwise. Thunderc*nt is unapologetically hilarious, tells it how it is and gives a strong portrayal of what feminism should really be about! Sharon Mahoney’s talents are undisputed... Continue Reading →

Review: Age Fright: 35 & Counting – Auburn Scallon

Show: Age Fright: 35 and Counting Venue:  PQA Venues Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Auburn Scallon A 1990s slumber party and Jaleelah Galbraith’s standup show have a lot in common: comfortable clothes, easy conversation, lots of laughs, and moments of deeply personal emotions. “Jal”, as her marketing materials introduce her,  owns the stage with the confidence... Continue Reading →

Review: Illegal – Auburn Scallon

Show: Illegal Venue: Underbelly Cowgate Star rating: *** Reviewer: Auburn Scallon Presenting the parallel visa struggles of a white American woman in the UK and a Guatemalan woman attempting to enter the US is an ambitious task. While Illegal seems well intentioned in finding the similarities in these stories, the narrative could benefit from a... Continue Reading →

Review: Appropriate – Auburn Scallon

Show: Appropriate Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Auburn Scallon I couldn’t take my eyes off this fast-talking Irish bride for one second of her hour-long, one-woman show. Sarah-Jane Scott knows how to tell a story, command attention, and take the audience along through a bouquet of emotions. Even when there were bits of Irish... Continue Reading →

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