Review: Big Boys Don’t Cry – Sarah MacDonald

Show - Big Boys Don't Cry Venue - The Stand Comedy Club Star rating - *** Reviewer - Sarah MacDonald Content Warning: #MeToo movement, Weinstein, coercion, suicide “Could being more open about their emotions free men from being stuck in the middle between 'boys don’t cry' and 'it’s good to talk'? If so, will men... Continue Reading →


Review: Hoo-Ha! – Victoria Clow

Show - Hoo-Ha! Venue - Just the Tonic at the Caves, Just up the Stairs Star rating - **** Reviewer - Victoria Clow Hoo-Ha! is a two person comedy piece with the self-proclaimed people-hater Lily Phillips and a man who is so affable, he single-handedly convinced half the room that day to attend; Stephen Trumble. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Queens of Sheba – Sarah MacDonald

Show: Queens of Sheba Venue: Underbelly Cowgate Star Rating: ***** Reviewer: Sarah MacDonald Queens of Sheba is absolutely exceptional. Drawing on the events of the Dstrkt nightclub incident, where door staff excluded entry for a group of women for being “too black”, this piece of theatre brings to the forefront the intersectional persecution of being... Continue Reading →

Review: Not Yet Suffragette – Ana Hine

Show: Not Yet Suffragette Venue: Underbelly Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Ana Hine Natalie Cutler shines in this one-woman-show about the struggle for women’s rights across the last century. While she may concentrate on the experience of white middle-class women, it’s more as a means to focus the show, rather than an attempt at exclusion. Cutler starts in... Continue Reading →

Review: It is a Truth… – Suky Goodfellow

Show: It is a Truth... Venue: PQA Venues @Riddle's Court Star Rating: *** Reviewer: Suky Goodfellow It is a truth universally acknowledged that any piece of work regarding Jane Austen, must begin ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’. Jaleelah Galbraith’s show and this review are no exception. That said, the resulting show was original and... Continue Reading →

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