Review: How To Be a Bad Girl – Victoria Clow

Show: How to Be a Bad Girl Venue: Laughing Horse @ the Place Rating **** Reviewer: Victoria Clow How To Be a Bad Girl by Sabrina Chap is a cabaret comedy dictating the journey of Sabrina as she goes from a goodie-goodie girl who is polite, kind, does everything that is asked of her and... Continue Reading →


Review: Hoo-Ha! – Victoria Clow

Show - Hoo-Ha! Venue - Just the Tonic at the Caves, Just up the Stairs Star rating - **** Reviewer - Victoria Clow Hoo-Ha! is a two person comedy piece with the self-proclaimed people-hater Lily Phillips and a man who is so affable, he single-handedly convinced half the room that day to attend; Stephen Trumble. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Joe Sutherland: Toxic – Amy King

Show: Joe Sutherland: Toxic Venue: Underbelly Bristo Square Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Amy King It's not often you go to a comedy show and leave it feeling like you've been sat in Spoons with a friend of a friend bonding over your shared love of Spice Girls and terrible towel-hanging habits. But with Joe Sutherland,... Continue Reading →

Review: I’ll Have What She’s Having – Ana Hine

Show: I’ll Have What She’s Having Venue: Assembly George Square Studios Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Ana Hine Victoria Bianchi and Jess Brodie’s show I’ll Have What She’s Having is an easy-to-sympathise-with look at life in your mid-to-late twenties. Based on their own experiences, the show is a character study of two women who are both wondering if... Continue Reading →

Review: What the… Feminist!? – Ana Hine

Show: What The…Feminist?! Venue: theSpace on the Mile Star Rating: *** Reviewer: Ana Hine You know when you discover other feminists for the first time – often at a university society meeting as a wide-eyed undergraduate – and you just want to tell everyone about this life-changing socio-political philosophy? Yeah? Well then What the... Feminist?! should have... Continue Reading →

Review: Not Yet Suffragette – Ana Hine

Show: Not Yet Suffragette Venue: Underbelly Star Rating: **** Reviewer: Ana Hine Natalie Cutler shines in this one-woman-show about the struggle for women’s rights across the last century. While she may concentrate on the experience of white middle-class women, it’s more as a means to focus the show, rather than an attempt at exclusion. Cutler starts in... Continue Reading →

Review: It is a Truth… – Suky Goodfellow

Show: It is a Truth... Venue: PQA Venues @Riddle's Court Star Rating: *** Reviewer: Suky Goodfellow It is a truth universally acknowledged that any piece of work regarding Jane Austen, must begin ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’. Jaleelah Galbraith’s show and this review are no exception. That said, the resulting show was original and... Continue Reading →

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