Review: Beauty is Pain – Joanne Kilday

Show - Beauty is Pain Venue - Paradise in the Vault Rating - **** Reviewer - Joanne Kilday Beauty is Pain is a political performance art piece surrounding Donald Trump's support of the Miss USA pageants and treatment of women in the mainstream media. It delves into the superficial nature of the pageants and reveals... Continue Reading →

Review: Everything I See I Swallow – Abbie McGrath

Show: Everything I See I Swallow Venue: Summerhall Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Abbie McGrath Redefining the definition of beauty within 2019 feminism, Olivia (Maisy Taylor) describes losing her sense of self through the constant objectification and beauty standards that have been set from a young age. From the moment of entering the room, we find... Continue Reading →

Shows to See: Masculinity

It might be a controversial topic to start with, but let's talk about masculinity at the Fringe. We're increasingly hearing the phrase "toxic masculinity" thrown around in the media, especially alongside hashtags like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and with the dark world of Incels being brought to light. But what does it mean? What is masculinity?... Continue Reading →

Into The Unknown

Hello and welcome to The Feminist Fringe! We are so excited for the Fringe to get underway - our countdown clock is ticking! The Feminist Fringe is an exciting new venture, and how fitting that this year's Edinburgh Fringe theme mirrors our journey:┬áInto The Unknown. There's less than one week to go until we reveal... Continue Reading →

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