Review: Never None (But She) – Viki Matejova

Never none (but she)
Rating: ***
Location: Space Triplex (studio)
Reviewer: Viki Matejova

Never none (but she), the first production of AsterGlow, is a promising endeavour into meaningful storytelling. Set in a fantasy world where magic and powers mirror real life inequalities, it is a conceptually striking piece of theatre. 

The play features powerful characters who live in a town where women’s powers are being stripped away, which causes stars to fall out of the sky to the point of potential darkness. They come together and fight back and the whole play has a sense of community. There is an interplay between sewing, stars and magic which I thought was especially creative.

The setting is like a cross between the power struggles of The Hunger Games and the eerie forest atmosphere of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Simple décor, light changes and solid acting complement each other in an immersive way.  The original music score, sang by the actors, also complements the story perfectly and adds to the other-worldly atmosphere.

However, what holds the play back is the difficulty of following the story. There are many scene changes that happen before the characters are established, which makes it easy to get lost. The characters themselves could have been a bit more developed as some of them clearly have engaging back-stories that are only touched upon, and personalities that feel like they should be explored deeper. Despite the interesting conceptual framework and parabolic nature of the play, it is full of platitudes and truisms in lieu of more exciting dialogue.

In short, as a wholesome story about coming together and resisting unjust authority figures, Never none (but she) achieves what it sets out to do in terms of leaving everyone inspired and hopeful.

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