Review: Fight Song – Joanne Kilday

Show – Fight Song
Venue – Venue 13
Rating – *****
Reviewer – Joanne Kilday

Sweetwater, Texas. 1964. The only thing bigger than football is Jesus Christ and women’s hair. Four cheerleaders don’t know why they are here or how long they’ve been in this dark place – all they know is that something is horribly wrong. Both Lucifer and God herself pay a visit, turning high school drama into something much nastier. Animalistic cruelty meets philosophical debate in this strange nightmare of a story – a never ending fight song.

CalArts Festival Theater brings us a brilliantly dark and funny story about life, death and what happens after we die, all set in the mid 60s in Texas. I loved everything about the show. The story follows 4 cheerleaders who have been in a car accident and are in what I’d call ‘limbo’ trying to work out where they’ll go when they die, all their are watched on by the devil and god.

While some of the stories were dark, with it touching on suicide and rape, it was also laced with humour all the way through! I loved that they had made the devil a man and god a black women. The acting was so good, the girls playing the cheerleaders were so good, I really connected with all the characters and enjoyed all the stories they told.

The story highlighted that you can’t judge people or appearances and that even the nicest of people can have a little dark in them. It also showcased the culture of American high schools and the culture of the 60s, to be popular was to be white and god-fearing and anything other than that was to be judged.

I have to say this was one of my favourite shows of the whole festival this year. It had great acting, a great story and a great soundtrack. I just really loved it.

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