Review: You Have a Match – Viki Matejova

Show: You Have a Match
Venue: theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall
Star rating: ****
Reviewer: Viki Matejova

You Have a Match portrays what the world of online dating is like for two Londoners, Riley and Teagan, as they go on an adventure and try to find a soulmate, or try to forget unrequited love. It is a fast-paced and energetic production, which touches on political topics while being fun to watch.

The play plays out like a rom com, complete with real-life montages, long gossipy conversations and even a holiday destination. The acting is deeply engaging, and feels as natural and spontaneous as if I was in the room with them.

Riley, who is a lesbian, talks about her experiences dating women on sites like Her and Pure. On the other hand, Teagan goes through her cringy experiences dating men while drinking a bottle of vegan Merlot. They discuss Extinction rebellion and poly slang together, and they go abroad and back. It seems like they are creating a microcosm of London-living on stage, and that is also the play’s biggest weakness for me.

I did not get the jokes that relied on having some knowledge of London or its geography, and that made me feel like I was not quite the target audience for the show. I wonder whether it would have better to adapt some bits of the play to the location of the Fringe, as assuming knowledge of one city in that international, and Scottish, environment did not sit right for me.

Overall, You Have a Match is a feel-good comedy, with many funny bits, that is worth watching. It ends on a hopeful and inspiring message that I think many people will be able to relate to.

this run has now ended

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