Review: The Cat’s the Thing – Abbie McGrath

Show: The Cat’s the Thing
Venue: theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall
Star rating: ****
Reviewer: Abbie McGrath

Exploring the complicated and often misunderstood life of living with OCD, Marissa’s show balances demonstrating the difficulties in everyday tasks with keeping the audience laughing. Marissa’s character Tanya narrates to the audience through talking with her companion Dale, a small toy cat.

The show was educational for someone who may be unaware of the extent that OCD can impact an individual’s health – eating, sleeping, even meditation are all a unique challenge when intrusive thoughts are controlling Tanya’s behaviour. The ongoing battle is an eye-opening experience, which Marissa portrays skilfully.

Marissa is a confident and talented performer. Transforming herself to the age of a young child effortlessly, she perfectly captures the body language as well as providing a hilarious glimpse into the mind of the age she’s presenting.

The show could be slightly confusing to follow at times, but overall it was a great performance to start my day. I personally found The Cat’s the Thing to be an enlightening experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to gain some insight while attending an entertaining morning show.

The Cat’s the Thing: tickets available here
theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall
21-24 August
11:05am (50 minutes)

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