Review: Daddy Drag – Eve Tunstall

Show: Daddy Drag
Venue: Summerhall
Star rating: *****
Reviewer: Eve Tunstall

Embarrassing dads, funny dads, daft dads, ‘stand aside I’m the king of BBQ’ dads, we all know the types. But have you ever stopped to consider how your relationship with your dad has shaped your life.

Using song and involvement from the audience, Daddy Drag is a true laugh-a-minute show, dwelling on all the ‘dad-related’ activities and behaviours. From fishing to sex jokes involving dildos, it’s all fun and games with Daddy Drag.

Beyond the comedy comes a deeper meaning for what it means to have an absent dad, one that makes light jokes but struggles to talk seriously how about they’re feeling. This show is without a doubt one of the most powerful shows I’ve seen this fringe.

If we want to talk about feminism and equality, this show is one of the best starting points in our relationship with our dads.

Leyla Josephine’s performance is incredible and completely mesmerising, she takes simple, relatable comedy and turns it on its head to create an extremely profound show. In light of conversations around toxic masculinity, this show lies at the forefront of this and as Josephine remarks, this only scratches the surface, one show isn’t enough for one person.

But even as she scratches the surface with this show, she’s starting something sincere, there’s no doubt that you’ll be laughing one moment and crying the next and of course thinking about your own dad.

Daddy Drag: tickets available here
22-25 August
5.45pm (1 hour)

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