Review: Sex Education – Abbie McGrath

Show: Sex Education
Venue: Summerhall
Star rating: ****
Reviewer: Abbie McGrath

I’m not entirely sure what I had expected from Sex Education, but I could not have prepared for what was in store. Welcomed to the show with a montage of pornography, pieced together with interviews with Harry Clayton-Wright’s wholesome mother, any potential awkwardness in the audience is instantly gone and an evening of talking (and laughing) openly about sex begins. The timing of the slideshow, lights, and choreography was flawless and led to an absolutely hilarious night.

The show doesn’t shy away from more sensitive topics, talking in depth about the impact sexual abuse can have as well as the lasting effects of trauma. Harry still manages to make this subject approachable and knows exactly how to direct the conversation between serious topics and light-hearted humour, showing himself to be an exceptionally talented host.

Arguably the best element of the night was the emphasis on consent. The show is interactive with the audience, but there was no pressure to speak up and everyone who did so was warmly supported. Harry states he is working towards eradicating the shame surrounding sexuality and he is without a doubt succeeding, I have never been present in such an encouraging environment to discuss sex and porn so openly! Such a refreshing change that I hope we see more of.

Harry brings up a topic most of the audience, regardless of gender or sexuality, could relate to – poor sex education. It seems the vast majority have been somewhat let down with their sex education, whether from their parents or from their schools, which led to perhaps the most important statement of the night: “LGBT inclusive education is suicide prevention”.

Finishing the night with a snack, prepared by the star himself, the show was absolutely super.

Sex Education – tickets available here
21-25 August
7.30pm (1 hour)

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