Review: Bad Aunts – Eve Tunstall

Show: Bad Aunts
Venue: Gilded Balloon @ Old Tolbooth Market
Star rating: ***
Reviewer: Eve Tunstall

Bad Aunts is a chat show with a big difference – set in the living room of the house that they all share, this alternative comedy show runs through the lives of three women navigating divorce, menopause, misogyny and ‘being bad’.

Dee, Maz & Jo have found themselves living together after a spate of bad luck involving marriage and death.

Dwelling on what older women have to deal with around employment and the struggle to find work in the competitive and often ageist job market, this show touches on some important issues and themes and creates a space for older women. Opening up a conversation around doing things differently.

Spotted with one liners, this show incorporates song, comedy and involvement from the audience, making each show completely different with a guest comedian and the audiences own personal agony aunts.

There’s no doubting their energy and enthusiasm, if you like a comedy show with a difference, then the eccentric Bad Aunts is for you.

Bad Aunts: tickets available here
Gilded Balloon @ Old Tolbooth Market
22-25 August
6.30pm (1 hour)

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