Review: Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD – Jenni Snell

Show: Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD
Venue: Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre
Star rating: *****
Reviewer: Jenni Snell

Let Cat Hepburn take you on the journey of #GIRLHOOD through a blend of poetry, spoken word & 90’s pop music. From the girl power of the Spice Girls to being ‘dirty’ like Christina Aguilera, she unveils the all too real representation of what it was like for a girl to grow up in Glasgow as a millennial.

Cat’s performance is gripping and her talent is unquestionable. She is evidently a flawless writer, combining humorous yet poignant notes and drawing on sensitive themes in a very relatable way. She was relaxed and comfortable in her performance and gave off a confident vibe – the whole performance was engaging and I was never once distracted. Although dealing with and reflecting on some deep and sensitive issues, Cat delivered them with grace and confidence, evoking a truly emotive and heart-wrenching feeling within. She exercised particularly good use of the balance between the humour and sombreness, the light and dark, the trials and triumphs!

There were no faults to be found with the set-up of the performance. Everything had been taken into consideration; the lighting was impeccable, voiceovers and internet dial in tones humorous and adding depth and the choice of music as anchors in time perfection. As a millennial woman, with similar geographical experiences to Cat, I could really relate to the music choice as a way to display the different stages of my ‘girlhood’ and it also made for very enjoyable viewing.

The performance, although comedic, deals with some traumatic issues that growing up in a patriarchal society can have on women – unrealistic beauty standards, domestic abuse and rape. The display of social conditioning on women from such an early age, leading to the submissive nature we are expected to uphold, was explicitly illustrated in this moving piece. Yet Cat leave us with glimmers of hope for something better through the solidarity and strength of our fellow gal pals!

Girlhood is significantly current! With the use of really relatable content for any young women growing up in the 90’s and music taking you through those life changing moments and emotions, this is not one to miss. Embrace the sisterhood, relive your awkward teenage moments and challenge the patriarchy in this powerful one-woman show!

Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD – tickets available here
Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre
20-25 August
4.45pm (1 hour)

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