Review: She Grrrowls – Viki Matejova

Show: She Grrrowls
Venue: Banshee Labyrinth, Banqueting Hall
Star rating: *****
Reviewer: Viki Matejova

Welcoming and riotous, She Grrrowls creates a unique space at the Fringe. It is a showcase of poets, musicians, and other feminist artists. Carmina Masoliver and Ibizo Lami took their arts night up from London, and they each perform alongside guests from the festival.

Carmina Masoliver’s poetry explored her childhood, including the difficulties of speaking to boys after growing up in an all-girls school. Ibizo Lami spoke about family and dating with grace and humour, addressing touching and relatable topics. There was a running thread of being manipulated or undervalued by men, but keeping up a brave and defiant attitude.

The Banqueting Hall in Banshee Labyrinth creates an intimate atmosphere, the kind that I would imagine an underground gathering of witches to have. It is dark, surrounded by sounds leaking in from the venue through the open entryway – yet the setting feels enclosed with shared stories and emotions. True to its name, the event has a riot grrrl feel: it is raw and personal, with an undercurrent of addressing oppression through art.

The night I attended, the two co-hosts of She Grrrowls introduced four guests: Lizzy Shakespeare (from Bait: Kill the Princess), Katie Greenall (from Fatty Fat Fat), Cameryn Moore (from Muse, Smut Slam, Sex Ed) and the poet Malaika Kegode . They each brought their own style and perspective, culminating in an open mic that is also highly practical for Fringe-goers: the short performances act as previews, helping you to decide which shows to see. Aside from being multi-functional, the event is also very varied. The performers did poetry, spoken word, drag, and shared personal stories that championed, among other things, taking pride and pleasure in one’s body.

I left wanting to see all the shows, inspired by artists uplifting each other, and empowered by the sense of community that She Grrrowls fostered through growls and snaps.

She Grrrowls
Free Fringe
3 – 16th August
7pm (1 hour)

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