Review: Naomi Karavani: Dominant – Rachel-Anne Clarke

Show: Naomi Karavani: Dominant
Venue: Just The Tonic @ Marlin’s Wynd
Star Rating: ****
Reviewer: Rachel-Anne Clarke

Deep in her cave in the heart of Edinburgh, Naomi Karavani’s audience are gathering. The show hasn’t begun but the hype tracks are setting the tone – Dominant.

From the off it is clear she is a competent comedian and the audience are safe in her hands. Her dry delivery is perfect for the topical satire she is about to hit us with as she takes a hilariously dark look at feminism’s flaws in a post-Trump America. From celebrating women for women’s sake or telling jokes about her sister who uses a wheelchair, make no mistake – she’s not afraid to go there.

Naomi skilfully treats us to both sides of the coin when highlighting much of what is wrong with the world, from flawed feminism to circumcision and the bleak prospects faced by tired out male athletes, all while making you laugh. The show is littered with lightbulb moments for the audience and there are plenty of opportunities to find yourself saying ‘I hadn’t thought on it that way’. She draws on unique experiences she’s had in her previous careers both as a high school teacher and archaeologist. She talks us through her family dynamic and the differences in expectations her parents have for her and her brother, and when it comes to the family she is brutally honest.

While some jokes need to be translated for non-Americans, Dominant is for the most part a relatable show as Naomi has knack for saying what you were probably secretly thinking.


Naomi Karavani: Dominant – tickets available here
Just The Tonic @ Marlins Wynd
Aug 1-25 (not 12th or 13th)
8:05pm (1 hour)






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