Review: Ginger Monologues – Clare Louise Roberts

Show: Ginger Monologues
Venue: Venue 53 The Space @ Surgeons Hall, Theatre 2
Star rating: ***
Reviewer: Clare Louise Roberts

Armed with a beautiful voice and a self-deprecating manner, Marie Ann’s cabaret and stand up entertains us with light fun, dedicated to those who are teased for being ginger, which is, as she observes; ‘one of the last allowed prejudices’.

As someone with a ginger father and plenty of ginger relatives but sadly and unjustly not a redhead myself, (I have plenty of freckles and don’t tan so I frequently and proudly state that I have ‘the ginger gene’) this wasn’t a show that I could miss.

Explaining how her lifetime of being teased, cultivated her now savage wit, Marie Ann walks us through some of the funny and tragic tales of ginger life and, occasionally, a failed blonde life too.

Marie Ann banters naturally and has a confident stage presence. She is clearly in her element when in front of an audience and the team work harmoniously together, clearly enjoying each other’s company on stage.

The show was packed with songs by her fellow gingers, accompanied by a percussionist, pianist and backing singers. Some songs lacked energy and felt a bit long for the amount of songs in the show. But Marie Ann’s powerful vocals impressed the room as she declared empowerment for gingers everywhere.

This show is not just for gingers and those with ‘the ginger gene’. This show, finishing with ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman’ shows us what it looks like to love your appearance which is a message everyone could hear once in a while.


Ginger Monologues – tickets available here
Venue: Venue 53, The Space @ Surgeons Hall, Theatre 2
2-10 August (not 4th)
8:15pm (45 minutes)






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