Review: Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Get Her! – Eve Tunstall

Show: Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Ger Her!
Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot
Rating: ***
Reviewer: Eve Tunstall

Dates: Aug 11 13-2622:00 (1 hour)

Holly Morgan and Tom the cat take you through the mystical ages on a musical journey, summoning her favourite witches as she goes. Convinced from a young age that she was a witch, Holly Morgan uses her power and expertise to reassure the audience that we can all be a bit weird at times and what’s wrong with that?

Using her musical ability, a PowerPoint presentation (of course) and her husband dressed as a cat, Holly takes you through the ages, explaining not only what it was like as a witch but how even now it still goes on.

As the show threads together themes around politics, there can be grey areas at times, as it’s hard to piece together some of the political themes around Trump and his ‘witch hunts’. But ultimately, the show is entertaining and there’s no doubting Holly Morgan’s talent. I could close my eyes and truly believe that Christina Aguilera was stood up there singing at times, along with Lady Gaga and of course Liza Minnelli.

The overall darker themes of the show will shock and inform you but ultimately leave you wanting to fight back, this show is a generous mix of history and musical theatre.

Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Ger Her!: tickets available here
Gilded Balloon Teviot
13-26 August
10pm (1 hour)

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