Review: Fights Like a Girl – Rachel-Anne Clarke

Show: Fights Like A Girl
Venue: The Stand’s New Town Theatre
Star Rating: *****
Reviewer: Rachel-Anne Clarke

It’s 22:50 when Sajeela takes to the stage – and she really does ‘take’ the stage.

The crowd are quiet and wet through from the rain. It’s definitely past some of our bed times, but she is quick to give us all a wake up both literally and metaphorically. ‘What will you fight for?’ she asks us. It’s the first of many thought provoking moments in this inspiring Fringe hour. It seems that fighting for what she believes comes as naturally to Sajeela as comedy does and she pairs the two beautifully.

Her show is packed full of stories ranging from defending her spot at the Women’s March from who she later discovered to be Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, to quite literally laughing away the gunmen who took her and the women of her family hostage. It’s hard to believe she’s made us laugh through all of this, but her story telling abilities are second to none and we are with her every step of the way. She speaks with a heartfelt authenticity that is warm and encouraging. She reminds us of the importance of intersectional feminism and that we have power. We too should fight for what we believe in.

It’s not Sajeela’s first run of Fights Like a Girl and Khan’s ears must have been burning, as the Mayor is front and centre in the audience tonight. It’s reassuring to see a politician in the audience because Sajeela has so much to say and I couldn’t think of a better spokesperson. This is a comedy show with a call to action. A call to fight like a girl.

Fights Like a Girl – limited run now finished

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