Review: Annie McGrath: Shepherd – Clare Louise Roberts

Show: Annie McGrath: Shepherd
Venue: Venue 437 PBH’s Free Fringe @ Sneaky Pete’s
Star Rating: *****
Reviewer: Clare Louise Roberts


Who are the creepy men in your life?

You can’t help but be absorbed by Annie McGrath’s self-awareness, shown in her stories and anecdotes in her stand up show. McGrath does brilliantly what comedians do best; take something awful and dark and bring it out to talk about it. Discussing her own experiences in what she calls a ‘Trilogy of Creepy Men’ (“Are there any in the house?” she says to which someone is nominated by their obviously well meaning friend), McGrath’s talent with satirical observations from Spinach to Isis, punctuate her varied set and she reads the crowd’s energy well.

The room was full, with some audience members standing or sitting on the floor. It was crowded in the most positive way-in such contrast to McGrath’s stories of crowded rooms-illuminating the differences in daily activities for men and women, millennials and non-millennials. It was brilliant to see lots of men in the audience, with everyone excited for the deconstruction of online commenters and to cheer on McGrath’s puns.

In one of her many moments of well-received dark humour, it was moving for McGrath to affirm that she is not actually anti-men; proving her point that women are under scrutiny for their remarks in ways that males are Just. Not. 

McGrath’s hilarious set is full of irony as she crowns herself Shepherd and she successfully leads her flock of followers to question their assumptions about what is acceptable and what should never be accepted. 


Show: Annie McGrath: Shepherd –
Venue: Venue 437 PBH’s Free Fringe @ Sneaky Pete’s
13-24 August (not 14)
6.15pm (1 hour)

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