Review: Beach Body Ready – Eve Tunstall

Show: “Beach Body Ready”
Venue: The Pleasance Courtyard
Star rating: ****
Reviewer: Esme Leitch

The hype for The Roaring Girl’s Beach Body Ready preceded the performance with good reviews, recommendations and rumours about its fantastic box office sales almost unavoidable. Luckily, I was not disappointed.

As the queue tailed down The Pleasance, I couldn’t help but be surprised by the diversity of the audience. I was expecting a predominantly female audience, and while that might have been right, I didn’t predict the amount of children and families that were waiting to go in. The audience were greeted into the auditorium with upbeat pop music, a “relaxed performance” message on the screen and a cheery beach themed set to absorb while they waited for the magic to begin.

The show opened explosively and unapologetically with the three performers taking to the stage in their underwear and introducing themselves with facts about their bodies. It was fiercely captivating and set the tone of what was to be an incredible show. Roaring Girls used a mixed-media production to explore and discuss their own journey of body image and in turn relate this to bigger, more profound societal issues surrounding weight and conforming to expectations. They questioned female sexuality, everyday language, insecurity and gave insights into their own experience of criticism and bullying. Somehow they managed to do this seamlessly between dance routines, funny anecdotes and punchlines that kept the audience laughing.

The sexual content, adult humour and profane language arguably might make Beach Body Ready not quite as family-friendly as some of the parents in the audience might have hoped, but that didn’t make the standing ovation from a young boy and girl at the end any less heart-warming.

Beach Body Ready is a must watch for anyone who knows a woman or weighs something.

Beach Body Ready: tickets available here
The Pleasance Courtyard
7-26 August (not 12)
Time: 13:10

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