Review: IvankaPlay – Viki Matejova

Show: IvankaPlay
Venue: Underbelly Cowgate
Star rating: ***
Reviewer: Viki Matejova

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside Ivanka Trump’s mind when she stands next to her ‘daddy’, looking solemnly into the distance while he spouts vile rhetoric? IvankaPlay tackles that question with a vibrant one-woman show. McLean Peterson, who plays Ivanka masterfully, takes the audience through her internal monologues and political dilemmas.

The play explores some tensions between her and her father, whom she calls daddy, and how much power she really has. She cares about her image, her family, having money and being in control; but does she care about detention centres or climate change? If she did, could she really influence Trump’s actions? The fast-paced acting gave me a glimpse of her (imagined) sadness as well as her awkward father- daughter relationship. Ivanka’s inner logic, or lack thereof, also got across that her brand of white, liberal, and ultra-capitalist feminism is rooted in a desire to preserve privilege. The verbatim script was punctuated with sounds and lighting changes delivered at the right moments, which made the experience more enjoyable. However, I found the play a bit too predictable.

Ivanka is already perceived as unethical and as lacking sincerity. We also know that she sometimes disagrees with ‘daddy’. I was excepting to see a more surprising side to her, rather than a personification of how the public perceives her. Still, IvankaPlay succeeded in making me think about the balance of power and blame within the current White House, and about the role she might be playing in real life.

IvankaPlay – tickets available here
Underbelly Cowgate
1-25 August (not 14)
1.50pm (1 hour)

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