Review: Fox – Jenni Snell

Show: Fox
Venue: Baby Grand @ Pleasance Courtyard
Stars: *****
Reviewer: Jenni Snell

Deep, mature and nuanced!

Not one to miss, Katie Guicciardi’s solo female performance in Fox is the perfect combination of a gripping narrative, poignant use of visual props and just the right amount of humour for such a serious and sensitive subject matter.

Every aspect of this new piece of writing has been woven together seamlessly, successfully creating a harrowing yet enjoyable experience for the viewers. The progression of the fox metaphor throughout the play displays the reflections of a new mother’s guilty prejudices, whilst simultaneously reflecting her own vulnerability and needs. Fox draws strong parallels between the confinements and limitations of motherhood and homelessness, provoking a clear message around the taboos we still face whilst asking for help in our society today.

Katie blends her plotlines beautifully with impressive skill and the use of playful props that draw the audience into an emotional journey. In particular, it was Katie’s strong ability to depict meaningful two-way conversations throughout the play that lay bare the stark and gut-wrenching realities of an isolated woman facing the quickly escalating challenges that motherhood brings.

The intimate venue paired with a simple, yet strong stage set, places the audience in the inescapable gaze of a woman seeking but unable to ask for help, invoking a strong sense of responsibility back on the audience. Without a sense of blame Fox creates a space for discourse on how we interact with vulnerability in our society. The story may be told from the perspective of one woman, yet Katie uses this to platform to unpack the various unsaid voices that we all may hear within ourselves when facing similar social dilemmas. Immersive and stimulating, Fox invites us to reconsider our approach to vulnerability and adds colour to the unexplored moral grey areas of homelessness and post-natal struggles. The depth of Katie’s performance vividly projects her desire to help and be helped to the audience, providing full internal disclosure of the dilemmas that we could all face.

The effective use of lighting and sound effects really created an atmosphere, enriching the experience unobtrusively. The props begin as a curiosity, though with a skilful subtlety they are used to signpost the development of the characters and plotline.

Fox is a must-see show tackling some of societies hard-hitting issues whilst remaining engaging and enjoyable throughout. I thoroughly recommend going to see this!

Fox: tickets available here
Baby Grand @ the Pleasance
6-26 August (not 13)
11:30am (1 hour)

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