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Review: Clouds – Esme Leitch

Show: Clouds
Venue: theSpace on the Mile
Star rating: ****
Reviewer: Esme Leitch

If you are looking for a night of wholesome laughs, fantastic costumes and a hearty story; let Time and Again Theatre take you back to a time of Suffragettes and early aviators with Clouds.

The theatre started in the queue with a vivacious suffragette interacting with the audience, taking tickets and setting the light-hearted tone that was to follow. The characters were heart-warmingly familiar, clearly inspired by the likes of Oscar Wilde and had the audience laughing within minutes.

Clouds follows a plucky young woman’s journey to becoming a pilot in the early 1900s, with the help and hinderance of an upper-class entourage. Behind the confident delivery of witty lines and farce, the cast managed to present a deeper subplot surrounding the darker side of the suffrage movement, illness and social reputation. Clouds allowed room for characters to challenge society and present some of the barriers women faced in Britain, and to some extent still do, which added a deeper meaning to the piece.

With themes of femininity, female empowerment and social conformity, I left the performance feeling inspired and with a list of references to research. This play takes the audience straight into the heart of the dynamic, political climate of the 1900s in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and informative. Definitely would recommend.

Clouds – tickets available here
theSpace on the Mile
6-17 August (not 11)
7.55pm (1 hour)

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