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Review: How To Be a Bad Girl – Victoria Clow

Show: How to Be a Bad Girl
Venue: Laughing Horse @ the Place
Rating ****
Reviewer: Victoria Clow

How To Be a Bad Girl by Sabrina Chap is a cabaret comedy dictating the journey of Sabrina as she goes from a goodie-goodie girl who is polite, kind, does everything that is asked of her and plays classical piano, to a woman who swears abundantly, sleeps around and sings sesame street themed sex songs. As you can imagine, it’s quite a journey!

The songs themselves are brilliantly written by Sabrina herself, and sung with a gorgeous cadence that’s filled with passion and beauty … anal sex has never sounded so good! Her piano skills are a mix of beautiful precision and fantastic chaos, quite like her humour and her wit! She steers her way around the literal A – Z of sex but remains honest and sincere. Through her songs and her stories, she creates a conversation about sex and sexuality that is honest and open.

But the best part?

This show perfectly depicted exactly why I need feminism. Let me explain.

The night I saw her perform, there was a handful of drunk men in the back rows. They were loud, obnoxious and constantly shouted out with smutty and lude comments. This heavily affected my enjoyment of the show; it made the audience uncomfortable, uneasy, and unwilling to put ourselves out to laugh at the things she was saying. The comments were about her looks, her stories, her songs, almost nothing was sacred as is often the case with occasions like this. But did this phase Sabrina Chap?

Not. One. Bit.

Chap laughed, smiled, and let her wit take over. She responded with hilarious lines of revenge and warmth at the same time. She didn’t ostracise the men, she welcomed them into the fun. And do you know what? They started to enjoy themselves.

Chap created an atmosphere of love, warmth, acceptance and openness in the face of incredible adversity. She is truly a breath of fresh air to the world of feminism and I can say in absolute confidence, she is a force that deserves to be emulated.

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