Review: Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery – Ruth Brown

Show: Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery

Venue: Assembly Roxy

Star Rating: ****

Reviewer: Ruth Brown

Three hooded figures enter, inducting us into the cult of the cliterati. And if you’re going to join a cult, make it this one. A clanging cow bell and egg shaker later, the robes are off, the glitter is on, and we are doused in the glory of the Fringe Wives Club – a strong Kylie-come-Mama Mia trio with gorgeous outfits and shoulder pads to match. They have crossed the seas to educate us in their conSENSUAL cult feminist disco.

This cabaret showcase is well put together, with original songs from Feminist Fuck Boy to a game show with Laguna, a life-size vulva, and expert ad libbing in between bits (pun intended). Audience participation allowed for the Fringe Wives’ improvisational talent to shine when bouncing off a doctor’s – yes I know – suggestion that the vagina was ‘the hole’.

Whilst not taking themselves too seriously, the Wives punctuate the show with very real facts and figures about feminist causes. Even if you think you know a lot, something will surprise you. Their balance of silliness and poignance is wonderful. Given that this reviewer has run into catcalling and intimidation already this Fringe, their twist on the boyband ballad “He Only Hurts You Coz He Likes You” resonated particularly strongly.

Our welcoming trio are fresh from a 5-star run at Adelaide Fringe, and it was clear that they were still settling into the new venue, tweaking their show for an Edinburgh audience. But by god, that soon to be perfected formula will be something everybody will want to sample. Victoria Falconer, Tessa Waters, and Rowena Hutson are funny and fabulous and gel together like a well lubricated evening of love-making. The piano playing Falconer drawing eyes with her confidently awkward movements and buzzing charisma, Waters’s winning quips keeping the show tied together, and Hutson being the cutest clitoris ever seen.

So get down and party at Glittery Clittery and “change it up”. Bring your believers and your doubters. Participate and educate!

© Ruth Brown


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