EdFringe 2020 is Cancelled: Our Response

On 1st April, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe announced that it, along with the other festivals due to take place in August, would not be happening. We're saddened that this year's EdFringe will not be taking place, but we're equally grateful to all the festivals, venues, productions and others involved in making the festival happen for... Continue Reading →

Review: Made in Dagenham – Auburn Scallon

We interrupt our hibernation period to share a wee review of Allegro Musical Theatre's production of Made in Dagenham at the Church Hill Theatre. Our editor-in-chief, Amy, is part of this production so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to flex our reviewing muscles just this once outside of the Fringe. Show: Made in Dagenham... Continue Reading →

Review: Fight Song – Joanne Kilday

Show - Fight Song Venue - Venue 13 Rating - ***** Reviewer - Joanne Kilday Sweetwater, Texas. 1964. The only thing bigger than football is Jesus Christ and women’s hair. Four cheerleaders don’t know why they are here or how long they’ve been in this dark place – all they know is that something is... Continue Reading →

Review: Never None (But She) – Viki Matejova

Never none (but she) Rating: *** Location: Space Triplex (studio) Reviewer: Viki Matejova Never none (but she), the first production of AsterGlow, is a promising endeavour into meaningful storytelling. Set in a fantasy world where magic and powers mirror real life inequalities, it is a conceptually striking piece of theatre.  The play features powerful characters... Continue Reading →

Review: Souvenirs – Joanne Kilday

Show: Souvenirs Venue: Paradise in the Vault Star rating: *** Reviewer: Joanne Kilday Souvenirs presents the real stories of four young people in London who have been involved in cases of harassment and stalking. When does passion become obsession and what is the mental toll on those involved? UCL Runaround brings us a show that... Continue Reading →

Review: Cotton Fingers – Amy King

Show: Cotton Fingers Venue: Summerhall Stars: ***** Reviewer: Amy King Amy Molloy brings Rachel Tresize's brilliant script to life in an electric performance. I have never seen a solo performance like it. The bare stage and plastic bucket seats make the performance more intimate, somehow. A fierce honesty pours out of Molloy as Cotton Fingers offers... Continue Reading →

Review: White Girls – Amy King

Show: White Girls Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot Star rating: ***** Reviewer: Amy King Francesca Bloor and Valerie Smith are, in a word, brilliant. Their show, White Girls, follows Eve and Leah as they travel to Calais on their gap year to volunteer in The Jungle, a refugee camp, in 2016. They don't speak French, but... Continue Reading →

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